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A New Species of Dermestidae from Baltic amber
HOLOTYPUS: Globicornis (Hadrotoma) ingelehmannae sp. n. Háva & Damgaard, 2015
Family Dermestidae
Subfamily Megatominae, Leach, 1815
Genus Globicornis Latreille, 1829
Subgenus Hadrotoma Erichson, 1846
Globicornis (H.) ingelehmannae sp. n.
The species Globicornis (Hadrotoma) ingelehmannae sp. n. from Baltic amber is described, illustrated and compared with all known amber species of Globicornis Latreille, 1829. New species differs by the shape of antennae and black setation on dorsal and ventral surfaces. Keywords: taxonomy, new species, amber, Coleoptera, Dermestidae, Globicornis, Palaearctic Region. 
Abstract, The skin and carpet beetle family (Dermestidae) currently contains 1500 species belonging to 62 genera worldwide (Háva, 2015). Dermestidae from Baltic amber have been covered in a number of papers (e. g., Háva et al., 2006; Háva, 2008, 2014; Háva, Bukejs, 2012; Háva, Alexeev, 2015), in the present work we describe a new species belonging to the subfamily Megatominae, to the genus Globicornis Latreille, 1829. The genus recently contains five subgenera: Globicornis (s. str.), Elania Mulsant et Rey, 1868, Hadrotoma Erichson, 1846, Pseudomesalia Ganglbauer in Bodemeyer, 1900 and Socotracornis Háva, 2013 with 31 species, including 2 amber species distributed in Palaearctic Region. Etymology, The new species is dedicated to commemorate Dr. Inge Lehmann (1888–1993), an excellent Danish seismologist and geophysicist. 
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