The study of amber / Handling and treatment

How to take care of your pieces of amber

See also: How to store your collection and the page about Oxidation
A brief basic may/may not list and some good advice on how to treat your amber
  • Never let amber come in contact with strong solutions, soaps or cleaning solutions - some types of chemicals (eg. in wax) can darken and make the surface of the amber cloudy.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke and perfumes.
  • Do not cut too close to the inclusion when the amber is processed. When you leave as much amber as possible between the inclusions and the surface, you ensure that you can polish, transform, or cut the piece in the future.
  • Do not carve and polish your amber under high tempeture
  • If you wish to clean/wash your amber remember to do it under lukewarm room temperature water.  Avoid exposure to sudden changes of temperature - a quick jump between the high and low temperatures, will cracking the amber and allow oxygen to penetrate! 
  • See the page about oxidation
  • Never place your amber in direct sunlight/UV-light, near warming elements or in really dry places.
  • Preserve amber in a cool enviroment where tempetures day and night do not change greatly and with a normal humidity.
  • See the page about oxidation
  • Your collection should be used and not be hidden away. When you work with your amber, you transfer the fat from your finger to the amber surface. This fat fills cracks and provides a protective layer against oxidation. A piece must be like "used" every six months.
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