Baltic amber - Strepsiptera, Mengeidae? - 2 mm.
© Anders L. Damgaard

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William Buckland |
Excellent educational resource! Thank you!
Hi, I enjoyed your website a lot! I'm just a beginner and I was wondering is there a certain small collection to start for beginners, what would it look like, one species of every superfamily or something like that? I'm thinking in the order of 20 good quality pieces and no more.
Amber |
Your website is exactly whats needed for all amber stone lovers. Please keep up the good work. Greetings from Ukraine Amber People!
Dan Škuflić
Great page and amazing pictures - deeply impressed!
Mick | .
Wow, fabulous site, thank you.
Thomas Kautz
Really nice page! Thanks for taking the time to do it! I will recommend it to my students ;)
Klaus Brucksch |
Excellent website.
Eric Kendrew
I really enjoyed your website! - A whole new world for me! Looking forward to follow it in the future ;)
Michael Gilmer
Nice work - very interesting page! I have never seen so many pictures of inclusions in amber in one place - thanks ;)
James Havens
Great page! Deeply impressed with everything that you have created about amber! Keep up the good work ;)
Mona Arora
You are doing a great job sir. thanks for showing us the beauty of nature.
Werner Peters
Great page! and I really like the "The Treasure Chest" - nicely done!
Dmitry Fokin
Nice page! - I really like your new update, pictures and design ;)... Bedst regards from your friend in Russia
alex |
hello man iam from kaliningrad which have 90% of amber of world iam cathing ambers all year i have about 10kg amber which have 3-4rd stones have inclusion i wanna some help with choose microscope and how to do this job better if u can help me i will be very pleasure for u my viber is +79622666662 pls add me
Rachel Marshall
-thanks for the permit to use your images in my advertising for my shop - you are doing a good job and the website is absolutely amazing!
Elizabeth Birchall
Dear Anders, You kindly allowed me to use one of your bee in amber images in exchange for a copy of my book, 'In Praise of Bees'. Just published. Please email me your postal address as soon as possible so we can send it to you.
Dr. Andris Bukejs |
Dear Andreas! I am studying Chrysomelidae in Baltic amber and I am very interested in specimen from your collection ALD-Ba.Chr2-1,2 ALD-Ba.Chr2-2,2 May be you can send me high resolution photos of this specimen? Sincerely, Andris.
Slavomira Vladimirova
Thank you! Great site! I really love amber. Sharing with pleasure :-)
ciidae |
Dear colleague I am do you have ciidae amber? can people make amber in insect artificial ? I mean make new amber of insect for sell? my best regards
Hi! I have enjoyed looking at your website. For years I have tried to find Amber that is similar to mine. One thing that was stated on your website that I am going to research: "Cracks that confirm or disprove authenticity!" Please let me know more about the millions of cracks in a Amber bead Thank you. Respectfully, Rhonda
Antonio Francesca
I am deeply impressed with your website around amber - so much text and images - good work ... Looking forward to the next time you make an update
Denis Copilas |
Dear Anders, I have seen on your Flickr account a picture with a Madagascan amphipod preserved in copal. This is very interesting for me since I am an amphipod researcher. Amphipod fossils are extremely rare and that specimen is very well preserved. Have you considered in collaborating with someone to describe this specimen and publish this information? It would be helpful for us amphipod researchers. Cheers
Philip Wenzel Kyhl
Hej Anders Sælger du rav? Hilsen Philip
Paolo Conte
Hello, my compliments for your website. I have question for you: could be dangerous to close an amber collecion in a safe-deposit box in a bank? Could the umidity damage the amber specimens? I think to umidity because in a safe-deposit box the air dosn't move and in summer the umidity increases. Let me know, please! Thank you for your help. Paolo Conte Rome, Italy
Ginger Hipszky
Thank you for this wonderful website. I have been watching a show about the Baltic Sea and the many towns, cities and countries and jobs around the Baltic Sea. Now I have a place to come to see the different types and the insects encased in them. Thank you. I think your website is phenomenal. The hours you have put into amaze me.
Erzsebet Toth
Hi, I am impressed by your site and collection. I am a geologist and am preparing an exhibition in an open-air geological museum in Tata, Hungary, about rocks. A certain gneiss was used to build the Scrabantia (now Sopron) part of the amber road, and I would like to ask your permission to use a Baltic amber image of yours on an information board. I would prefer the one also on wikipedia (Baltic amber inclusions - Ant (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)8.JPG). Please let me know, if you agree, and if so, also how I should refer to you and your work. Thanks in advance. Erzsebet
Ann |
Anders, your website is very interesting and has a valuable information about amber inclusions. Thank you, Ann.
Diane W. Young |
Wonderful website! I feel like I'm going back in time. Your images are so crystal clear. I plan on adding a section on "Psocoptera" in amber. I would love to add an image from your website with proper cedit. If you say it's OK, I might have my mentor Dr. Edward L. Mockford comment on a posscible ID.
Ron Sanford | loscabosambergallery
Great site, love the work you are doing. A great help for those of us who love amber but are less knowledgeable. Thank You Ron
Tim Wilkinson
nice page and impressive images - truly a window to the past - keep up the good work!
Vittorio Arrigoni
There is a lot of sites about amber - but this really stand out ... I am very impressed - it is informative and complete with pictures and text! Good work! I will look forward to follow your page's development in the future.
tong lixuan
thank you for your Beautiful pieces of amber.I like that,hope to see more wonderful picture. tong lixuan
Randy Pepper
Hello, This is some beautiful pieces of amber! I enjoy looking at amber to see what all it has trapped inside. Great specimens! Randy
hej meget flot og spændende side vh Michael
Jennifer Kerr
Thank you for sharing your website. I learned how to detect fake amber vs. the real thing. Your photos were fabulous...beyond fabulous! Thank you for sharing!!!
Thomas Piet
I've been collecting fossils for quite some time; I am new to the world of amber and copal inclusions. This web site is truly super cool! Very interesting and full of superb detail! It is absolutely incredible! I also do macro-photography of insects from time to time. This is like having fossil insects in 3D! It's fantastic! Keep it up, Anders!
Thomas Hörren
Very nice project and awesome pictures! I will help in ID in future!
keith luzzi |
Hi Anders, we are back to India in 2 days to collect cambay amber again at Vastan. I'll let you know what we find this time and send you some photos. Happy New Year! - a great site with great microphotography! cheers! Keith and Jamie Luzzi
Thank you so much to sharing your photos with us.... Your work is amazing ! And your photos to ! Good luke for it !!!
Simon |
Spændene ! Glæder mig til at følge med i dit projekt
Eddie Mallett
Oh I think that the experiment worked. Youve done a wonderful job here & its very rare to see that someone have done this. Amazing & wonderful :)
Lynne Kelly |
Terrific website about a topic I knew very little about. I'd read descriptions before, and seen one photo of a spider, but had no idea amber was so fascinating and so beautiful. Thank you for both the education and the pure pleasure!
Thomas Nielsen
Meget spændende hjemmeside - masser af informationer og billeder - glæder mig til at bruge mere tid på din hjemmeside... Er det muligt at der også kan laves en dansk version af den?
Jim Cornell | facebook
I collect all beetles in amber and out, but specialize in the Staphylinoidea. I have at least one friend you might also like to add to your list and get to ID stuff.
George Hansen |
Hi Anders, Checking out your website as you requested on facebook. I will post comments and feedback about my impressions either there or here. So far, I can say that it is nicely laid out and I really like the moving photo of the photo at the top of this page. George
Hi Really thank you very much, this site is so interesting to me and made me more eager to know about amber-insects... :D Would you please advise me that how can I find these things and in which places?? I will so thanks Cheers Sara
Silvio Steinhaus
Beautiful images and valuable information, I will definitely spend some time in your site and learn a lot. Thanks for sharing. Silvio Steinhaus
Jonathan & Mathilde
Beautiful inclusions, fascinating to look at. Wish everyone could see it! Cheers and keep up the good work. /Jonathan & Mathilde
surviving disaster |
hi,this amber is valuable,I favorite it
Robert Hodge
Beautiful pictures!!
Michal |
Anders, Thank You for Your excellent photos. Below is the link I used one picture:[...]
Klaus Brucksch |
Hi Anders, excellent work and photos.
karin nordmann |
godt ravår 2011
Ali Sharif
Amazing work my freind. very interesting.
David Gibson |
Very impressive website Flag this message Anders.
Oleg Grinberg
cool site - great pictures and a lot of good information! Looking forward to follow your website in the future :D Greetings from Turkey, Oleg Grinberg
Mohammad Iskandar Marzuki |
Hi Ander, really good work! I see your website more to fossil material inside amber in different location.
Udo Wilhelm |
Very nice website! We love amber. Greetings from Hong Kong. Udo Wilhelm
Luigi Gino Del-Ciotto |
Hi Anders glad to hear you received the early cretaceous amber from Canada I hope it is to your liking, we are running several kilos through the rock tumbler to polish and look for inclusions I will let you know how we do. Also you can buy decent quality 200x magnification digital microscopes for under 100 dollars on ebay I have one for my gold prospecting ventures and it is a indispensable tool.
Ivan Warschawsky
Hej Anders. Det er en rigtig flot hjemmeside, du her har. Jeg synes, det er nogle smukke billeder, du har postet, og jeg håber, du kan få held til at modtage nogle legater til videre udbygning (nok mest sandsynligt, når du engang starter på Kbh. Uni. Keep up the good work :-) Mange hilsner fra Ivan W., Lærer, Sønderlandsskolen
sådan anders, smukt arbejde....virker til at du har fundet ind til noget...
Gianfranco Rocchini |
Bravo, excellent site, very interesting inclusions and very beautiful picture. in Italy a proverb says: good day starts in the morning. Cordialmente Gianfranco
Andrzej Gorski |
Hi Anders, Thank you for the invitation to visit your website and for possibility to see professional pictures of inclusions. Regards Andrzej
Rolf Simonsen |
Hej Anders, Virkeligt flot stykke arbejde. Jeg vil glæde mig meget ovr at følge med hvad der sker på din nye side.
Thomas Anderson from USA
Came across this page, I was looking for beetles in amber. You have a good site with excellent photos. Best Regards from USA
Hi from Japan
Your Anobiidae include 2 Scirtidae (3/4.11mm), 1 Artematopodidae (2mm), and 1 Aderidae (1.8mm). Your Episernus would not be... Your Cleridae do not include true one, they belong to 1 possible Mycteridae (2.5mm), and 1 Cerambycidae (10mm). Your Eucnemidae include 1 Melandryidae (3mm). Your two Malachiidae are all Malthininae Cantharids. Your Anaspis looks Scraptia. A true Anaspis is in your Mordellidae (2.8mm). Your Scraptiidae include 1 Anthicidae (3.4mm). Your Staphylinidae include 1 termite (5.34mm). Among uknown families, one would be Coccinellidae (1.18mm), and another may be Omaliine Staphylinidae (1.00mm). Just for your reference... An additional note. Your 10mm staphylinid possibly be a Gymnusa...
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