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Dear Visitor, Welcome to the world of amber

I have studied different types of amber whit inclusions  from all corners of the world - from the darkest tropical jungle to the cold fields in greenland and am just now beginning to list and photograph them all for this new web site.  
It is important that we humans go exploring, investigating, researching and gain a greater awareness of how amazing the world is. But having said that, just as important is it, that we make the knowledge available, disseminate and make it understandable. With this website I want to take part in this process and has built a large database of knowledge, images, text, movies and scientific articles about amber.

On the page you will among other things find a lot of pictures, a lot of practical information, scientific articles, recipes for amber sweets and soaps, movies, recommendable books, huge databases, statistics and I could continue. In short, everything that is important to know about amber, and everything that you can not find at the moment will soon be added. Do you have ideas for topics please contact me here

I sincerely hope that this page can help your quest for knowledge.
Bedst regards,
President of the Danish amber club
 If you have inclusions or different types of amber for
 sale please feel free to contact me. Similarly, if I can
  help you with identification or photos of one of your
    inclusions please do not hesitate to contact me.
The collection of amber deals whit the following:
  • Madagascar copal -some thousand years
  • Colombian Copal -some thousand years
Oldest fossil of modern humans ~70.000 year old
  • Dominican amber  - 20-30 MYO
  • Mexican amber     - 25-35 MYO
  • Baltic amber         - 45-50 MYO
  • Cambay amber      - about 50 MYO
The extinction of the dinosaurs - 64,5 MYA
  • New Jersey amber    - 90-94 MYO
  • Myanmar amber       - 99-112 MYO
  • Lebanes amber        - 120-135 MYO                         
For security considerations, I have
no amber at home with myself
- consistently every piece is in a
safe-deposit box in the bank. 
I (Anders L. Damgaard) am the C.C. holder of all images, graphics and text on this page /CC BY-NC-ND 3.0/ read more at this page on the section: C.C. (Creative Commons)