New inclusions in the Collection:
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I've been traveling a lot and had a busy summer - but now I'm back online again ...
...one world - forever frozen in time...
I have studied amber of different kinds over a period of time and am just now beginning to list and photograph them for this new web site.  This site is being created and designed for the purpose of scientific research for those who are into the field of entomology and paleo-botanical studies, as well as those students and collectors who just like collecting bugs and plants.
For security considerations, I have no amber at home with myself - consistently every piece is in a safe-deposit box in the bank. 
 I would recommend to use the english version
If you have inclusions and/or different types of amber for sale please feel free to contact me - would be very interested. Similarly, if I can help you with information, photos or identification of one of your inclusions please feel free to contact me.

The  collection of amber whit inclusions deals whit following different types:
  • Madagascar copal  - 100 year < 2 MYO
  • Colombian Copal - 100 year < 2 MYO
The oldest fossil from the modern human - about 70.000 year old - 2 MYO.
  • Mexican amber         - 25-35
  • Dominican amber    - 20-30
  • Baltic amber              - 45-50
  • Cambay amber         - ca. 50
The extinction of the dinosaurs - 64,5 MYA
  • New Jersey amber      - 90-94
  • Myanmar amber         - 99-112
  • Lebanes amber             - 120-135                                     
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